Selby Care Training

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“I have known Luan for some years now and when I joined a new company as a Home Manager my first thoughts for a good trainer for my staff at Grays Court Residential Care Home was Luan as I have attended many of her training courses myself. Luan is full of knowledge that you would require from a trainer but she has a gift for delivering her courses in a style that my staff have feedback that it is a pleasure to attend her courses as she makes them interesting she has a great personality when delivering each course we thank her for her continued support.”

Pauline, Grays Court

"Luan is honest, trustworthy, a great trainer, very passionate about training and very conscientious. Courses are well structured and feedback is excellent. Your paperwork is always very well organised. You would not go wrong in employing Luan to deliver any clinical course.“
Michelle, Franklins

My first contact with Selby Training about five years ago as a senior carer and home administrator was very impactful as Luan imparted knowledge in a very practical manner that was relevant to my role.

Fast forward to 2018 as a Registered Manager, I identified a gap in my staff knowledge despite previous training. Staff knew what they had to do and how to do it; but it was apparent that their knowledge was not evident in their day to day practice. Luan’s training brought knowledge to real life situations and this has helped my staff to embed such in their work areas. Staff performance has improved greatly – they not only know what they are doing but also why they need to do it in specified ways. Luan’s wealth of experience has been most invaluable and highly appreciated. I will not hesitate to recommend and use Selby Training over and over again.

Thanks Luan!

 Abi, Joseph House